Sweety "Strawberry"

Popcorn New York

Is New York famous for popcorn? I've been to New York several times in my life, although not recently, and I can't say I ever remember trying the popcorn. I mean there's no popcorn district or neighbourhood from what I remember. More to the point, I don't think New York is particularly famous for making strange flavours of popcorn. Having said that I did buy this particular bag of popcorn in Asia, and sometimes companies market treats as being from a particular place for no particular reason.

As for the popcorn itself, it's surprising, but not spectacular. The surprising part is how much it would taste like strawberry every once in a while. Sometimes you'd just get a basic fake strawberry flavour, but occasionally you'd get a bite that tasted like real strawberries. After inspecting the package, I realised that this is because it apparently contains bits of real dried strawberries. This is the part of the treat that was surprising, and in a good way.

The part that made it not really that spectacular was the fact that every bite didn't have the same awesome real strawberry flavour. If each bite tasted more like real strawberry I would have said this is a popcorn worth trying. Unfortunately, only some bites were great, while others were just basic candy-coated popcorn. Don't get me wrong, the popcorn was fresh and the coating covered the whole kernel, it just would have been spectacular had it tasted more consistently like real strawberries.

Well New York, are you going to let a company like this sully your popcorn reputation? That is if you have one.