Sugar Free Red Licorice


When I first started Candy Critic, I thought I'd just avoid the whole "sugar free" candy world. I figured that people that logged onto the site really didn't care about their sugar intake. But I've grown since those days... Well sort of. Let me get this straight, I do know that some people can't or don't want sugar in their diet, and so I do agree that there is a need for sugar free food. Now do I think I should dedicate a whole section of this site to this? No, not really. This site is about candy and that's about it, I'll review sugar free things, but I'm going to compare them to all treats including ones with sugar.

Now that I have that out of the way, and it's taken up half a reviews space, let's take a look at this Sugar Free Red Licorice. To be honest I was expecting something with a little less flavour. The "red" flavour is pretty close if not even a little more fruity than regular red licorice. I would say that the flavour isn't as strong as regular red licorice, just fruitier. It makes me wonder if they’re using a different flavour than regular red licorice, or if the lack of sugar changes the flavour.

My big problem with this treat is the texture, it's super dry. It's really crumbly and doesn't give me the satisfaction I would normally get from biting into a chunk of red licorice (I say red because black licorice generally gives me no satisfaction at all). I'm not going to go buy a huge bag of these, but if offered a handful I'll be happy to accept.