Sugus "Blackcurrant"


There's something I really like about these little blackcurrant chews. They're flavourful, but not super bold. For comparison Starburst, which I believe to be the most popular chews around, are very bold. When you put a Starburst in your mouth not only are you blown away with the flavour, but everyone around you also knows that you're eating a Starburst because the smell permeates everything. These don't have that super strong flavour, instead these have a simple calm flavour. The calm flavour is pushed even further down by the fact that these have a slight creamy flavour as well as the blackcurrant. I think because of that, a more appropriate flavour to label these would be black currant and cream.

This is the way I would describe the first blackcurrant Sugus that I ate. Something strange however happens when you eat the second chew. The aftertaste from the first chew, mixed with the flavour of the second chew creates some kind of bizarre chemical taste in your mouth. It's not so off putting that I have to spit anything out, but it is really strange. The more you eat of these chews, the stronger this chemical taste gets, until you really can't taste the blackcurrant at all. I don't think I've ever had this happen with a candy before, so it's a little strange.

This strong chemical flavour isn't the only reason you can't eat more than a few of these either, they are pretty difficult to chew as well. After about the third or fourth Sugus, your jaw starts to get a little sore. I'm sure if you tried to eat the whole package your mouth would be in a bit of pain. I guess these are fine little candies, in small quantities. After taking a break for a few hours, I tried to eat another one and it was fine.