February 2024




Super Gorilla Sandwich Bubble Gum "Pineapple Flavour"

Fujian Jinjiang Kangjian

There are several reasons why I decided to pick up this package of gum. First and foremost, I’m a big of a sucker for anything with a gorilla theme. It doesn’t just have to be candy either, but when it is that makes me super happy. Not only does the name of this candy have “gorilla” in it, but it has one of the silliest, over the top names I’ve ever seen for a piece of fruity bubble gum. I feel like there are words in the name of this gum that are there for no reason other than they’re cool words. I also really liked the cartoon gorilla on the package, but I do wish it could be a little bigger.

The other reason I decided to pick up this gum is the fact that pineapple gum is really not that common. I’m sure I’ve tried one before, but I can’t say that it’s a flavour that I see on the shelves very often. I’m not really sure why that is, considering there are several flavours of gum that I see on the shelves regularly that are far worse ideas.

Fortunately the flavour works fairly well at first. When I bit into this gum it was unmistakably pineapple. The problem is that as the flavour became weaker and weaker, the pineapple flavour changed. After a few minutes I can only describe the flavour as something close to umami. It almost had a meaty/mushroom like flavour to it. I’m not sure if that’s the actual gum changing flavour, or if my taste buds did some kind of weird chemical change. I find that after eating too much pineapple my taste buds sometimes rebel from all that acid flavour and can sometimes do weird thing.

The format of this gum is probably the biggest disappointment though. By format I mean the description as well as the picture on the package. First of all the name says something about a “sandwich”. I didn’t know what that meant when I bought this gum, and I still don’t know what it means after chewing it. There’s also the image on the package of a piece of gum gushing with fruity goodness. There was absolutely no juice in this gum at all. It took several attempts to locate anything that might be a juicy filling, and when I did it was so tiny and dry that it really didn’t affect anything.

The marketing team on this candy hit it out of the park, maybe a little too far. The expectations for this gum are well beyond what it actually delivers. At least I got to try a piece of pineapple gum I guess.