April 2022


Super Mario Soda Gummies


There are two flavours of soda represented in this bag of gummies, cola and ramune. I think everyone reading this is probably fairly familiar with cola flavoured soda, but ramune might be something new to some. Ramune is a soda most often found in Asia and was made famous a few years back because of the odd way it can be packaged. Unlike most bottles of soda, ramune soda can sometimes be found in glass bottles that have a glass marble as a stopper. The idea is to push the glass marble into a small reservoir in the top of the bottle thus allowing your blue soda to pour out. I’m not sure what “ramune” is, but I would best describe it as a slightly fruity flavour and I think it’s always blue.

So to simplify these gummies, I would describe them as cola and mystery berry flavoured. The one thing I’ll say about both gummies in this bag is that they’re surprisingly stale. I say surprisingly because they’re all double bagged, there’s the large bag and each gummy is then packaged small individual bags as well. They’re not extremely hard, but they do have a sort of crust on the outside. I’m not sure if this was planned or if it’s just been in shipping for so long that they’re kind of old. There are lots of fun shapes and characters in the Mario world, and it seems like they’ve taken advantage of this and given you a pretty good variety. I did get many more Mario gummies than the other characters but if you happen to be a Mario fan it shouldn’t be a problem. I will also give them credit in that the designs on each gummy is very detailed.

Flavour wise I think I prefer the ramune over the cola. The ramune has a nice fruity flavour with a slight sour kick at the end. The cola has a fine cola flavour at first, but near the end it gets really bitter. It’s not a sour either, it’s that uncomfortable bitter flavour that doesn’t make you excited to eat another gummy. I’ve always found that cola flavoured gummies are very challenging, and I don’t think the folks at Nobel have got it exactly right this time.