Super Sour Hearts


Most of the time when you think of sour gummies you imagine a sweet gummy covered in a sugar and sour powder coating. While this method does deliver a sour taste, it also adds a crunchy exterior. These hearts on the other hand don't have a powder coating, instead they appear to have more of a dipped in sour liquid coating. This is very similar to the coating one finds on a Tear Jerker’s gumball.

This form of sour coating is much sourer than the classic sugar and sour powder coating as well. I find the traditional powder coated gummies to be more on the sweet side while these are certainly more sour than sweet. It’s probably because the powder coat also includes sugar, whereas this is only pure liquid sour.

The super sour works fairly well with most of the flavours on offer here, although some flavours like the peach and watermelon might not work as well as the apple or lemon flavours. Fortunately, they also made the fruit flavours very strong, so that the sour flavours don't dominate your taste buds completely. While I enjoy a good sour treat, I’m not a big fan of just pure sour, it needs something to balance it out and these have it with a strong fruity flavour.

While these are pretty tasty, the super sour taste limits me to just a handful of hearts before the roof of my mouth starts to burn.