Super Lemon


How would I describe the flavor experience of Super Lemon? I think it can best be described as feeling like stepping on a tack and then getting a foot massage. It really is a conflict of extreme flavours. When you first put this treat in your mouth it hits really hard. These Super Lemon candies are so sour, that if you believe that there is a higher power then you might think you were being punished because of something you did wrong.

As you suffered through an awesome sour experience that will shake you to the core, the candy slowly becomes sweeter and sweeter. Eventually it turned into a great little lemon hard candy. It’s as if it’s trying to make you forget that you went through some kind of sour hell to get you to this point. It’s like a warm hug after getting a kick in the pants.

The package is a little deceiving, I king of thought that I was going to get a regular sweet lemon candy with a sour lemon center. I think that might have contributed to my shock when I put it in my mouth for the first time. If you’re into extreme flavour contrasts then I’m sure you’ll love this sweet and sour candy.