Sweet Peanuts

Mihiri Sweets

Before I start this review, I just want to point out that I'm doubtful about the legalities of the Mickey Mouse portrayed on this package. I'm guessing that it is there for decoration, and that Disney has no idea about it. I'm also not really sure that a cartoon mouse is really a great character to use on a bar made mostly of nuts, but I'm no marketing expert either.

This bar is just peanuts and sugar, and that is pretty much it. That's not to say that this combination is easy to get right, or that it's always the same no matter who makes it. There are several factors in this bar that allow for any candy maker to screw it up, or make it perfect. The size and quality of the peanuts you use and the consistency of the sugar binding it together is the two main factors that can affect the quality of this bar. The folks that make the Sweet Peanut bar fall somewhere in the middle between perfect and disaster, but maybe a little bit more towards disaster.

I think the sugar should have been cooked for a little bit longer. When you bite into this bar, all you get is the peanut flavour, without any burnt caramel flavour to counter balance it. The peanuts are OK, but they're broken up into tiny pieces with very few half or full peanuts to be found. Both of these factors really mess with the flavour and texture of this bar.

Fortunately, the peanuts tasted fine, although there where a few over cooked peanuts that gave it a slight burnt flavour now and again. The basic texture of the sugar holding this bar together was also fine, crunchy and not too sticky.

This bar is OK, it's not spectacular, but it's a fine treat. It could be turned into a great treat with a little bit more attention to detail.