Cremo Ice Cream "Sweet Corn"


I think describing this ice cream as bad wouldn't be fair. It's not bad, but it is really, really weird. You're probably saying, "of course it's bad, it's corn flavoured ice cream", and you'd be right to assume that. Although I can see the thought process that went into making sweet corn ice cream, and there are two angles that would work. First of all, it's called "sweet corn", and this is a common expression used to describe corn. So, the idea of making into a dessert is a logical step.

The second reason I can see this ice cream existing is a little stranger. I can't confirm this scientifically, but I believe that people in many Asian cultures believe that westerners eat a lot of corn. It's not wrong to say that we do eat corn, but I don't think we eat the amount that most Asians think we eat. In many Asian cultures that I've visited, when I visit a western restaurant, I often find an abundance of corn available. You find it on pizza, as a breakfast food, and as a side item at McDonald's. It's a very popular ingredient in western restaurants in Asian countries. This is another reason I suspect that this ice cream exists.

As for the ice cream itself, it tastes like corn, it does not disappoint on this front at all. Does that translate into a good ice cream flavour, not really. It tastes like a smooth frozen can of cream corn, not really something I would want to eat. The strangest part of this ice cream is the random kernels of corn that are floating in the ice cream. Frozen corn is not extremely pleasant to eat. It's not that this ice cream is horrible, it's just not great. I would get it again as a novelty, but it's not going to be going into my regular ice cream lineup anytime soon.