August 2023












Sweet Sheets "Banana Flavour"


These Sweet Sheets have created a problem for me. Since I’m an artist, and the Candy Critic, I feel like it’s my duty to review this treat twice. First I’ll review it as a candy and secondly as an art supply. I guess my goal is to judge why you should buy these banana flavoured paper products. You could combine the use, and make art that you want to eat, but I would read the labels on any art supplies or writing implements you use before eating them. I can tell you that I will not be eating the creation that I made.

As a candy I feel like it’s much more utilitarian than fun to eat. The texture is very similar to that of a communion wafer or those UFO candies that were really popular a few years back. Another thing I could compare the texture to is Styrofoam, but a very thin sheet. The flavour is even worse than the texture, but only because I generally don’t like banana flavoured treats. This banana flavour is particularly horrible because it’s that fake banana flavour that I hate so much. I’m sure there are some people out there that love this fake banana flavour, but I am not one of them. I do however understand why they chose banana as it works with the theme, Minions.

As an art supply, it’s not great, but it’s functional enough. I used several different art supplies to sketch out a little doodle of one of the Minions (it seemed appropriate considering it’s the theme of this candy). I used a pencil, coloured markers, an inking pen and an inking brush. The texture of the paper made drawing the pencil slightly challenging as with even a little pressure it would scratch into the “paper”. The markers, inking pens and brush had a bleeding problem, all of the colours and the ink would blotch out immediately. The inking pen and the gelly roller I used at the end also etched into the surface if I pushed even a little to hard as well. I managed to get a nice little picture done, but honestly it was challenging.

If I had to choose, I’d rather draw on this paper than eat it. Having said that, there are many other papers I would choose before this. I don’t really understand the theme of this paper or what Minions has to do with edible paper. The only connection is the flavour, banana. I guess this is a fun little gimmick, but I can’t see myself buying more of these sweet sheets in the future, even if the flavour is better, I’ve never had the need to eat my drawings.