February 2024

SweeTarts Ropes "Cherry Punch"

Ferrara Pan Candy

Part of this candy was fine and another part was kind of disappointing. The part that was fine was the texture of this candy. It was a nice soft, chewy rope, similar to a really chewy red licorice with some kind of soft white paste in the centre. I would say these ropes were softer than I was expecting, but that didn’t bother me too much. For those looking for something with some substance you might be disappointed, but I was okay.

The disappointing part for me was the flavour or the lack or it. It’s labelled as “cherry punch” but there is nothing punchy about this cherry treat at all. The cherry flavour was much weaker than I expected, and it was fairly generic too. For some reason I thought the flavour would be much stronger, and I was also expecting some kind of tartness as well. While it fit the bill in the “sweet” part of the name, the “tart” was definitely lacking. It’s been a while since I’ve had a regular SweeTart, but I feel like their flavour is much stronger than these.

Speaking of SweeTarts, thematically I don’t really understand this candy. It’s called a SweeTarts rope, but there’s nothing about it that resembles the classic SweeTarts at all. The flavour and texture are completely different. Nerds Ropes on the other hand are covered in Nerds, this is just a mild cherry flavoured chewy rope. If it wasn’t for the name and package design, I would say that these have nothing in common with SweeTarts in the slightest.

This was not a bad candy, however it wasn’t that good either. I feel like there’s so much more you could do with SweeTarts other than just make a chewy rope. Worst of all it has bland cherry flavour, nothing like the original SweeTarts.