Symphony "Peanut Crunch"

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There's something about this bar that I can't explain, something about it that I just don't like. The texture of the bar is probably my favourite part. The peanuts are crushed into smaller bits and blended very well into the chocolate. The peanuts are probably the strongest and most flavourful part of this bar as well. Each bite is a nice balance of chocolate and peanuts, so what's the problem with this bar?

The chocolate is where this bar falls apart, and seeing that there's only two ingredients, this is a big issue. There are two kinds of milk chocolate in this bar, the outer coating and the chocolate that keeps the nuts together. The biggest disaster is the outer chocolate, it's waxy and flavourless. The inner chocolate is much softer and melts in your mouth a bit better, but it still lacks a strong cocoa flavour.

This lack of flavour in the cocoa destroys the balance with the peanuts. While the texture enhances the peanut and chocolate blend, the flavour is all peanut. This is a common problem with peanut and chocolate blends, and it's only made worse with the low-quality chocolate.