Take-It "Dark Chocolate"


We should try and look past the extremely strange (and maybe obscene) name of this chocolate bar. This is because I skipped passed that in the review I wrote for the milk chocolate version of this same bar, and I’ll skip it again here too. We can probably look past the quality of this bar, and the fact that it’s an obvious rip off of the Kit Kat bar for the same reason. We know this is a cheap rip off of a classic bar, we know the ingredients and ratio are not as good as the Kit Kat bar. What I want to focus on is the dark chocolate.

This might be the first time I’ve ever reviewed a variation of a chocolate bar that’s a copycat of another chocolate bar. The part that makes this horrible is the fact that the variation is also something the original bar had already done. So, it’s a rip off of both the original bar and the variation of the original bar. It’s not even a rip off of one of the unique variations either. It’s a rip off of the most mundane variation of all Kit Kat bars, the dark chocolate. I would be singing the praises of this bar if they had of created a new variation that Kit Kat had never tried before, but instead it’s just a ho-hum bar.

Worse yet is the fact that the dark chocolate isn’t that great. It’s hardly dark and fairly waxy. I can’t say I was surprised by how bad this bar is, but I was really hoping to be proven wrong. The only reasons you should get this bar is if you’re on a tight budget, or you think the name is hilarious.