It seems logical to rip off the best-selling candy bar in the whole world. It seems like it would be simple to take over part of the world's market by creating the "same" bar and selling it for less money. It's logical, but I still don't like it. First and foremost, I don't like it because it's not creative. The reason I write these reviews is to discover new and interesting candies all over the world, and when candy companies blatantly rip off other candy companies, it makes what I do seem useless. The second reason I don't like it is that almost all of these companies ripping off other candies do it on the cheap.

What you end up with then is a bar that looks kind of like the original (in this case a Kit Kat), but it’s not the same at all. The most obvious difference with the Take-It is in the ratio of ingredients. The Kit Kat bar features a perfect blend of wafer and chocolate, neither ingredient is more dominant, and each makes the other better. This bar has tiny little wafers, and way too much chocolate. While we're on the subject of the chocolate, I wasn't a huge fan of the chocolate in this bar either. It could have used a bit more cocoa, and it melted far too easily. While I often gripe about chocolate bars that don't melt easily enough, in this case the bar melts the minute you touch it. In fact, if you carry it in your pocket for more than a few minutes you end up with a pretty soft bar, almost liquid.

The worst offence this bar has is the fact that it's a rip off of a Kit Kat bar. Delfi could have taken a bit of research and development and maybe made something unique, but instead they spent that time and money on faking an already popular bar. Worst of all they faked a bar that's pretty much available all over the world. It's not that this bar isn't edible, it's just a pale comparison to it's older and wiser brother, the Kit Kat.