Tayto "Cheese & Onion"


I don't think I've ever traveled anywhere in the world were a particular snack is more beloved than these Tayto Cheese & Onion chips are in Ireland. I'm not talking about a brand of snacks either, I'm talking about one particular flavour of a snack made by a particular brand. Tayto Cheese and Onion is so popular in Ireland that according to some statistics more than half of all chips sold in Ireland are this very snack. The airport in Belfast is sponsored by Tayto and it's covered with this Tayto man. You can buy all kinds of Tayto merchandise all over the place including wallets and office supplies. Needless to say, Ireland is very proud of these chips (or crisps as they would call them), but the question is do they live up to the hype?

As to not offend any Irish (Northern or Southern) I'll start by saying that these are some tasty chips. The thing that makes them good is that the flavour is nothing shocking or strange. If I had to describe the flavour, I would say that it's comfortable or familiar. I could eat a large bag of these, and I would eat them again. Having said that, I don't really find anything particularly special about these either. They're good, the flavour is simple, but I'm not craving more after finishing the bag. In fact, right after finishing the bag I found there's a bit of a problem.

When you first bite into your first chip the flavour that dominates is cheese. It's a fairly standard cheese flavour that I've tasted in other chips before, but it's tasty enough. Then as you eat more, the onion flavour creeps in a little bit. When you're into your third or fourth chip the flavours blend fairly well. This is the best moment you'll have eating these chips, and fortunately this nice blend stays with you until you finish the chips. Then, about five minutes after you finish these chips, the onion flavour starts to attack your mouth. You're left with a really strong, kind of gross onion after taste. I don't know if my breath stank, but I can't imagine it was good.

These chips are fine, and if you're in Ireland you should try them out. Just make sure that you bring your toothbrush or some mouthwash when you're done, particularly if you're around other people.