Terry's Chocolate Orange "Milk"


I have to be honest; I was a little worried about reviewing this classic chocolate treat. My fear comes from the fact that I generally don't like orange flavoured chocolate. It's probably been a few years since I've eaten a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and I've been dreading writing a review. I find that most chocolate companies use really bad orange flavouring for their chocolates. It's often overly sweet, or overly sour, not like a real orange. I do enjoy eating real oranges and chocolate as I find the refreshing juice goes well with the nutty strong chocolate flavour.

So, with a bit of fear I smashed my Terry's Chocolate Orange, and took a bite. I was really surprised at what happened next, it wasn't that bad. The orange flavour wasn't sickeningly sweet at all, or overly sour. The chocolate to orange ratio was also pretty good; I could taste both chocolate and orange in every bite. I was expecting the orange to dominate, but it doesn't. The smell hits you a little hard when you open the package, but once you’ve eaten a few wedges you don’t notice it that much.

I won't say that this treat changes my opinion of chocolate and orange together, for the most part I think it still doesn't work. However, if you take high quality ingredients, like real orange oil and high-quality milk chocolate, it's not horrible. I don't think I can ever see myself craving a Terry's Chocolate Orange in the future, but if offered I would certainly take a wedge.