While this bar appears to be simple, it's actually deceivingly complex. It's not just wafers and chocolate, it's a collection of textures blended together with great accuracy. Calling this bar a simple wafer bar does not do it justice at all.

To start off you have a fairly high quality chocolate coating. The coating is the only part of this bar that I really have a problem with. It's just not thick enough. It covers the bar, but it doesn't add as much as it could to the taste and texture of the bar. I think if you tripled the thickness of the outside chocolate layers this bar would be a bit better. This is really my only criticism of this bar, and a minor one at that.

The wafer layers are simple yet effective. The genius of these wafer layers is the fact that there are two of them. It would have been simple to stack all of the wafer layers together and layer some bubbly chocolate on top, but this bar works so well because it has wafers on both sides of the bubbly chocolate. Speaking of which, I should talk about the bubbly chocolate layer. It would have been easy to just use a layer of regular non-aerated chocolate, but to add a light bubbly chocolate layer is the brilliance of this bar. The light airy chocolate complimented the wafers beautifully, it wasn't jarring at all.

This is not a simple wafer bar; this is a beautiful balance of bubbly chocolate sandwiched between two wafer bars. There are only two faults to this bar. First of all, it melts really easily in the South African heat (where I bought it), and it needs is a little more chocolate on the outside. One of these is fixable, a little more chocolate on the outside. Changing the chocolate to make it less melty is also fixable, but it would totally ruin this bar.