November 2023





Theobroma Chocolat "Raspberry Chunks"

Vigneault Chocolatier

One does not think classy chocolate when you read the words "Raspberry Chunks" on the package. Although the words do not sound very classy, let there be no mistake, this is an upscale bar. Normally when you think of raspberry and chocolate, you either think chocolate flavoured with raspberry, or chocolate filled with a raspberry cream. On rare occasions you might find a bar filled with raspberry jam, but most of the time that's only when you buy a fine chocolate from a chocolate shop. This bar does something very different.

Instead of using the common methods for delivering raspberry, this bar uses freeze dried raspberries. I've had bars in the past with freeze dried berries, maybe even raspberries, but I've never had one that worked so well. The bars I've had in the past with freeze dried berries would often feature the berries on the top of the bar, as if to show off the berries. This bar chooses instead to incorporate the berries into the bar, and it works really well. It is chunky, which might seem a little weird, but it adds a great texture.

The best thing about this bar is the flavour, the chocolate is beautiful dark chocolate that balances perfectly with the tart raspberry bits. The balance of flavours is perfect, with the sweet chocolate and raspberry working perfectly together. Best of all, the raspberry flavour is real.