Tic Tac "Coca-Cola"


Are Tic Tacs breath mints or candies? I seem to remember as a kid seeing advertising that would hint that they’re breath mints, however flavours like Coca Cola and even orange are certainly not minty at all. I’m also pretty sure that these Coca Cola Tic Tacs aren’t doing anything to help out my bad breath. In fact, I would imagine that to some, the flavour of Coca Cola would not be a desired breath odour at all. One might even desire a breath mint if their breath smelled of Coca Cola. The attempt to identify these Tic Tacs as breath mints or not wouldn’t be a problem for most people because all most people do is just eat them, but for me it creates a problem of known what category to put these into on this site.

If we take the breath mint problem out of the picture, you’re left with a candy that starts out with a kind of weak cola flavour, then it gets more intense for a few seconds, only to peter out again for the last bit. The intense flavour has a nice cola pop along with a great sour twist. I don’t know why, but I really like it when cola flavoured candies have a sour twist. The flavours are fleeting, as is the candy if you suck on it. I found that I actually preferred these Tic Tacs when I crunched them, it gave all the flavour in a quick burst with none of the disappointing weak parts, I also really like the texture of Tic Tacs when you crunch them. Crunching Tic Tacs is particularly satisfying for me when I have a whole bunch of them in my mouth at once.

I’m not sure how I feel about these Coca Cola Tic Tacs. I’m sure they’re not breath mints, but they’re fine candies. They do taste a bit like Coke, but the best part of the flavour is fleeting. I guess I’m glad to have tried them, but I’m not disappointed that they’re a limited edition.

Suck Time: 3 minutes