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Uranaikko Fortune Telling Gum


Taste: 2

Texture: 2

Novelty: 1 (unless you're into Japanese superstitions)

All scores out of 5

If you can read Japanese, are superstitious, and enjoy chewing gum, than this is the perfect treat for you. If you answered no to any one of the choices above, I don't think you're really going to like this treat that much. This is a gum that's all about novelty in very specific areas, the ones listed above. As far as I can gather, the package is covered with images and phrases that deal with fortune. In the box are several long and narrow sticks of gum with writing on them, which I can only assume is a fortune. The package has some kind of crazy opening to get the sticks out that I couldn't really figure out, but I assume it makes it more fun to get a random stick with your fortune.

If we're to strip away the package and the fortune telling aspect, what you're left with is a very average gum. The long shape is a little unique and fun, but everything else about this gum not that impressive. It's not that the gum is gross; it just doesn't really deliver on flavour. I can only assume that the flavour is supposed to be cola, but I get that from the package and not from the flavour. It's a little too fruity to feel like cola to me. The flavour is pretty powerful at first, but it quickly diminishes. After about 2 minutes you still have flavour, but it's nothing compared to the first few seconds.

Texture wise it's fine, it's a little sticky, but it's not too hard and doesn't hurt your jaw at all. I'm sure there are some people that would have fun chewing this gum; I'm just not in the loop enough to really get it.