Pesek Zman (Time Out) "2 Good"


I love a creative treat, in fact, when people ask me what my favorite candy is, I always tell them “it's the new and creative treats that I love”. It takes more than just creativity to make me truly happy, you also have to make sure that the creative idea works as a candy. You could add macaroni and cheese to the center of a chocolate bar and I would agree that it is creative. I most likely would sample a macaroni and cheese bar, but just because it's different doesn't mean I'll love it. You have to merge a tasty, balanced treat, with a streak of creativity.

I'd like to introduce you to the bar that has achieved just such a goal. While the chocolate filled cookie tubes in the middle are nothing that creative, the dots on the outside of this bar are like nothing I've ever had before. You might think that these are simple little candy dots to decorate this bar, but they're not. Each of the little dots glued onto this bar by a coating of milk chocolate, are in fact little chocolate dots with tiny little cookie centers.

The texture of these dots gives this bar something I've never experienced before. My only complaint is with the white chocolate dots, and that goes so far as to say that I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate. I can see why they chose to use them visually, but as far as taste goes, I would have preferred all milk chocolate dots. In fact, I could eat an entire bag of these little milk chocolate dots on their own. Sure, the cookie and chocolate bar that held them together worked, but the dots are the star of this treat.