June 2024







TNT Super Sour

Papco Foods

There are so many things written on this package that don’t bear out at all. The one that’s most mentioned on this box, and insinuated by the art is that this candy is sour. At best I would call this tart, but I think that’s being fairly generous. The package actually made me a little nervous about eating these sour candies, but from the minute I put it in my mouth to the final chew I felt zero discomfort at all. I guess if you don’t like sour foods then this is a good thing, but I figure if you’re buying a candy with a package like this then you’re probably not looking for something mellow.

The next part of the package that seems to have not worked out is the word “chews”. I assume that means that these things should be chewy, and I would assume that means something like a taffy or gummy. While I wouldn’t describe these as a hard candy, I wouldn’t call them chewy either. The best comparison I could think of is that they’re very similar to a hard candy that’s sat out for way too long and started to go a little soft. The first one I bit into actual let out an audible crunch when I bit into it.

If I have to pick out a few things that were okay, I would start with the flavour. The flavour wasn’t amazing, but if you like your standard fake orange, apple and strawberry flavours you’ll be fine. I also liked the colours of the fillings, in particular I liked how the pink strawberry candy had a deep blue filling.

In general I can’t say that I was particularly impressed with these chews. I feel like the bag hypes way more than the treat itself. I’ve had some of the most sour candies on earth and they’ve had more subtle packages than this, but they delivered something pretty intense, unlike these.