Cream Rusk

Origional Lusc

Now I like toast, let that be known to the whole world. I like toast so much that if you catch me brown bagging it (and I often do) chances are the sandwich I'm eating is made on toast. I like toast because it improves the texture of bread for so many reasons. It makes it easier to spread things onto it, it allows the sandwich to remain intact when packed for a lunch, and it also helps butter melt when it's been freshly toasted. So what I'm saying is toast is ok.

It's also fairly obvious that I like candy, sweet treats, and many snacks. That's pretty obvious by the fact that I spend hours working on this site all about candy. So how could anybody go wrong by me with this little treat? How could you mix candy and toast and fail? The answer is they didn't, they also didn't blow me away, but this little crunch snack isn't bad.

The best way to describe these Cream Rusks is that they’re a really crunchy little piece of toast with white chocolate over top. Sure, I would change the white chocolate for something a little better in a second, maybe some milk chocolate, but in this case it's not horrible. Also, the balance of sweet from the chocolate and savoury from the bread is just nice.