Toblerone "Crunchy Almonds"


This first thing I want to mention has almost nothing to do with the variety of bar that I've chosen, but instead is about the size of the bar I've chosen. In the past I've mentioned that I don't really like the awkward triangle shape of a Toblerone bar. I found it hard to put in your mouth, and very difficult to break apart. In this particular instance I decided that I would try the larger 400 g Toblerone bar, mostly because it was cheaper, by weight, than the smaller version. As it turns out these larger triangles are much easier to break off the bar, and I have no problems eating them either.

As for the bar itself, it's a fine bar, but you'd have a hard time distinguishing it from a regular Toblerone bar. It has the fine chocolate you'd expect from a Swiss chocolate bar, and it also has those strange sticky bits of toffee as well. The difference in this bar is the "Crunchy Almonds". Unfortunately, the crunchy almonds are broken into little pieces, and texturally are almost identical to the toffee bits.

Flavour wise the chocolate dominates a lot, so it's hard to make out a difference. I would say that this bar might have a hint of almond, and might even have a hint of salt, but you really have to think about it. Don't get me wrong, this is a really tasty bar, it just might have been more unique and unlike the regular Toblerone bar if they used whole or half almonds instead of little bits.