If you've ever stepped foot into an airport, you've undoubtedly seen a Toblerone bar. Toblerone has one of the biggest distributions of any high-end chocolate bar anywhere in the world. I can imagine that if you're reading this, assuming you're a bit of a candy fan, you've probably tasted one in your life. That leads me to one question, why haven't I reviewed one before today? It's not like I've never eaten one before, I'm sure I've eaten one in the last few years even. In fact, I've reviewed several of the different variety of Toblerone over the last few years, but for some reason I haven't reviewed the classic Toblerone. My guess is the price, it's not a cheap chocolate bar at all, and some might argue that it's not really worth the high price.

I would have to say that I'm one of these people. I find that the Toblerone bar is a fine bar, but it's not worth the often-high price you have to pay to buy them. The chocolate is certainly high quality, but the almond nougat never really comes across as being high quality. Sure, it's not bad, even though it sticks to my teeth pretty badly. It's just not something I would associate with a very high-end chocolate bar. Soft chocolate truffle, sure, thick caramel is high class, but sticky nougat is just not something I want to pay a great deal of money for.

I guess what I'm saying is if you've never tried a Toblerone, it's truly worth trying. I would just suggest that you don't pay the normal high price for it. If you get offered one as a welcome gift on an airplane or hotel, that's great. Maybe if you see them on sale, that's great too, but just don't pay full price for these bars. The chocolate is fantastic; the shape is fun although a little awkward, but that nougat really takes it down a bit.