Toffee Crisp


Here is an example of a great candy company creating a great bar. I often notice that whenever Nestlé puts out a brand-new candy bar, it seems to work really well. I like it when candy companies focus on creating brand new bars. Sure, variations on classic bars can be fine, but there’s something extra special about a whole new concept that really makes me excited about a candy bar.

The first feature of Toffee Crisp that worked has to be the balance of all of the ingredients. At no point did I feel overwhelmed by any one flavour at all. The next great feature had to be the choice of ingredients, caramel, rice crisps, and chocolate are a winning combination. The final, and maybe most important feature of this bar is the quality of these ingredients. The chocolate melted in my mouth and the caramel was just chewy enough.

If you need a snack, this is your bar. It’s creative with a nice balance of find ingredients. It’s good to see the folks at Nestle are doing something a little different, but still tasty.