Toffee & Nib "70% Cacao"

Hummingbird Chocolate

The problem with this bar is a simple one, and it’s right in the name. This bar is made by a chocolate company that’s garnered quite a reputation in Ontario (and maybe Canada or even around the world) for their amazing chocolate. People have mentioned this brand to me on several occasions and told me that it’s a must try chocolate. Let me tell you that this bar had a lot of hype and expectations. The good news is that from a chocolate standpoint it held up very well.

This dark chocolate bar is just a little bitter, but has a great sweetness that balances it out very well. The cocoa nibs also added a great chocolate flavour and a bit of texture as well. Finding a dark chocolate bar this bold in flavour, yet not uncomfortably bitter is truly a rare find. Making this kind of chocolate takes great skill.

So you’re probably wondering what the problem is. It’s the first word in the name of this bar, toffee. While the chocolate is fantastic, the toffee was kind of disappointing. Texture wise the toffee did add a nice crunch to this bar, however flavour wise it was completely lost. The toffee was a very subtle toffee (I tasted some separately from the bar), and this subtle flavour was completely lost in the bold dark chocolate. I had a really hard time tasting any toffee at all.

While this bar had a great bold dark chocolate flavour, I was expecting a sweet toffee flavour to balance it out. Unfortunately the toffee flavour just wasn’t strong enough and all it did was add a bit of texture. While I wouldn’t not recommend this bar, if you’re hoping for toffee you might be disappointed.