Maple Sugar Toffee

Toffee Creations

I’m not really an expert in toffee. I can tell you if I like a toffee or not, and I can tell you why I might like a particular toffee, but I really don’t know much about the origins of toffee or the ingredients in toffee at all. I know what I like about toffee and that’s about it. A say this because this particular toffee is labelled as “Maple Sugar Toffee” and I’m not 100% sure what kind of sugar regular toffee is made from. I guess it’s probably not maple or these guys wouldn’t have put it on the package and they would have just called it toffee.

After opening this toffee, it has become completely clear that this toffee is different than others. The maple flavour pretty much takes over my entire nasal passages. Even if this toffee sucked (which it doesn’t but more on that later) than it would be safe to say that this Maple Sugar Toffee would make a great air freshener. The smell of toffee really is underused in my household as a means of freshening up the smellier parts of some closets and near dirty receptacles.

The toffee as is the case with all of the Toffee Creation toffees is spectacular. Although this isn’t one of their most original ideas of flavouring it still tastes great. The nut to toffee ratio is perfect, the toffee is crunchy and doesn’t stick to my teeth, and it’s just a nice sweet flavour. My only complaint is that the maple flavour is a little weak in flavour compared to the smell. I’d like a slightly stronger maple flavour to give me that true maple experience.