Nestlé Toll House Candy Bar "Brownie"


The simplest way to describe this bar is to say that it's chewy. For a candy bar with the words "Toll House" in it, you would expect a better brownie. In fact, you would expect the brownie to be the star of the show. In fact, the brownie is a disappointment, the texture is too dense, and the flavour is pretty weak. It’s weird because I have tried so many great packaged brownies in my life, but as soon as candy companies make it part of a bar, the quality of the brownie seems to fall apart.

The chocolate and caramel are great, and are easily the highlight of this bar. Having said that, it wouldn’t take much to be the highlight of this bar. Objectively they’re not the highest quality chocolate and caramel, just in this situation they seem like the best part. There are also a bunch of chocolate chips on the package, but I did not find even one chocolate chip in my bar. I’m not sure if a few chocolate chips would have saved this bar, but the fact that they’re advertised and not delivered certainly makes this bar worse.

Honestly, I really expected a much better brownie treat from Nestle, particularly their Toll House department. If you want a brownie, buy a brownie on its own, and forget about it in bar form. I was very disappointed with this bar, and don't think I will be trying any more of the Toll House treats because of it.