March 2022




Tony’s Chocolonely ”Wit Framboos Knettersuiker"

Tony’s Chocolonely

It’s not often that I praise a candy bar for using white chocolate. Most of the time I’ll say that white chocolate is a fine choice, but milk or dark would have probably worked better. This is not the case with this bar at all. I feel like the choice of using white chocolate is perfect for what they’re trying to do. Milk or dark chocolate would have probably overpowered the really creamy berry flavour that this bar seems to have mastered.

There are many subtle things happening in this bar that makes it work so well. The first of which I hinted earlier is a wonderful blend of fruit and cream. The white chocolate to fruity berry flavour ratio is almost perfect. Neither one of them steals the show at all, yet each one shines as well. The texture of the berries also adds to this bar. We all know that nuts add a nice crunch to any bar, but the berries in this bar also add a subtle crunch that’s very noticeable. Added to this is a very subtle texture that really surprised me and took me a while to figure out. I believe that in order to add to the crunch of the berries they’ve added popping candy. It’s very subtle, but I caught the pops in the back of my throat a few times.

This bar does something really unique and it works. It works because the makers truly understand the importance of ratio when it comes to adding ingredients to chocolate. I should also note that they also use a really high quality white chocolate for this bar. While I’m normally not a huge fan of white chocolate, this bar proves that when done right a white chocolate bar can be better than most milk or dark chocolate bars.