March 2022





Tony’s Chocolonely "Meringue Kers Puur 51%"

Tony’s Chocolonely

You can’t talk about this chocolate bar without acknowledging the fact that it’s very high quality chocolate. When you bite into this bar you’re getting a quality of chocolate that is generally better than most mass produced chocolate on the market. You also can’t avoid that fact that you’re eating chocolate that has been ethically sourced. Both the outside and the inside of the package mentions many times that it’s been ethically sourced. In fact the inside of the package is exclusively dedicated to telling you all about how proud they are about sourcing ethical chocolate. While this doesn’t directly affect the taste and texture of the chocolate, I tend to find that those who take so much effort towards sourcing their cocoa beans tend to also put the effort into making a good quality bar.

So right off the bat I highly encourage you to try this chocolate bar because of the quality of the chocolate. This is however not to say that this is a perfect chocolate bar. There is one thing about this bar that actually disappointed me a great deal, and that’s the meringue. I can’t tell you how good the meringue is in this bar, because there was barely any of it in this bar. The only meringue I could find in this bar was the occasional tiny blob of crunchy meringue floating at the bottom of each square. If you factor in the fact that the dark chocolate was very rich and had a really strong flavour, the meringue pretty much ended up being the occasional slightly crunchy bit rather than an actual feature of this bar.

This is a problem with really great quality chocolate bars. Often these companies make great chocolate, but when they try and expand their brand by making bars with ingredients, they seem to favour the chocolate over the ingredient. It makes for a great tasting chocolate bar, but not a fun candy bar. I feel like I would have enjoyed a simple dark chocolate bar from Tony’s more, since I wouldn’t have been disappointed by the lack of meringue bits.