March 2022







Tony’s Chocolonely "Wit Stracciatella"

Tony’s Chocolonely

While I can (and will) tell you if I enjoyed this chocolate bar, I can’t tell you if it was a success. The reason I don’t know if it’s a success is because I’m not really sure what “stracciatella” is. I looked it up online and found more information about a cheese than a did a dessert. The only dessert I could find was a gelato that seemed to be similar to this bar. So because I’ve never actually tried stracciatella, I’m not sure if it successfully matches it in flavour and texture.

As for the flavour and texture of this bar, it was a little weird. Of all the chocolates, white chocolate is my least favourite, having said that, this is a very high quality white chocolate, so it wasn’t bad. There appears to be two kinds of brown bits floating in this white chocolate, milk chocolate and cocoa nibs. The milk chocolate bits didn’t really add much to the mix, other than the spots it left throughout the bar. The cocoa nibs were a little more effective, but were still beaten down by the strong white chocolate flavour a little. Texture wise however, the cocoa nibs added a lot more.

While I do enjoy eating cocoa nibs, the one part about them that I find a little strange is the texture. When you crush up cocoa nibs and blend them in chocolate I find that they get a little gritty sometimes. In the case of this bar the gritty texture actually got better the more of this chocolate I ate. It’s not that there was less grit, I just got used to it. The first few bites where a little alarming.

Maybe if I knew what stracciatella was, I might have been expecting the gritty cocoa bits, but that still didn’t ruin this bar. It was some nice white chocolate, and the cocoa beans where a fun touch. I don’t remember ever having cocoa nibs in a white chocolate before, and when you think about it, it makes sense. This bar is an interesting experience, and if you’re a chocolate fan I’d recommend giving it a try. You may not love it, but I think you’ll be happy that you tried it.