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Tooth Ache Candy

Kid's Brand's

Taste: 3

Texture: 3

Novelty: 4.5

All scores out of 5

June 30 2007

The irony of eating candy that's called tooth ache and that simulates what might happen to your teeth if you where to eat too much candy is not lost on me. The strange thing is this is the first tooth related candy that actually tells it like it is. Most just have fun little teeth bits and completely ignore the fact that candy can rot your teeth. I say can because my teeth are ok and it's all due to regular check ups, regular brushing and regular flossing.

Dipping these little teeth into the red cherry blood type stuff is not easy. The tweezers are a little flimsy and the goop is more gelatinous that I thought it might be. I dropped my tooth several times and now my little tweezers are covered in red stuff. It also makes eating these a really slow process. I want to just use my fingers but the teeth are so small that I'd probably get all sticky and that would slow down my writing this review even more.

The taste isn't bad, kind of cherry like but not too strong. The lack of strong flavour is probably more due to the fact that the portions are so small. Most of the flavour is in the red stuff too, the teeth are just kind of plain with maybe a bit of sour, but the red stuff seems to be where the cherry is at.

Not bad tasting and a fun idea, sure it's not easy to eat but neither is lobster and lots of people like that.