Top "Triple Choc" X-tra Large


There's no reason this bar shouldn't work, the package says it's got choc cream, choc wafer, and choc crispies. There's even a bonus layer of caramel that's not mentioned in the writing, but if you look closely you can see it on the illustrated version of the bar on the package. In theory, assuming that "choc" means chocolate, this bar should be an easy win, but it's not.

My first assumption is that choc probably means chocolate, but in the loosest sense of the word. If you were to call it chocolate, you would likely define it as very low quality chocolate. You could probably more closely relate it to a chocolate flavoured candle. It was waxy, and for a dark chocolate the flavour wasn't very rich at all. The crispies were OK, but they kept falling off of the bar, and they could have been much crunchier. The wafers were horrible. I often don't like wafer bars; in the past I would have told you that I never like wafer bars except for a very few. However, in the last few years I've discovered a few really good wafer bars. This bar on the other hand reminded me why I don't normally like wafer bars.

The wafers were flavourless, and didn't have a great crunch to them. It was more like biting down on Styrofoam than eating a wafer. The chocolate cream between the wafers wasn't great either. In fact, it didn't really add anything to the bar other than something to separate the wafers. The flavour was weak and the texture was almost non-existent. Since we're speaking about texture, we can't forget the caramel that's shown on the package surrounding the wafer and chocolate cream. It was there, but it was so thin that it was invisible to the naked eye. It did however provide a strange chewy texture. The texture was like a thin layer of glue, it made the bar slightly harder to eat, but provided no flavour or beneficial texture at all.

For a bar that has so much potential, and a fairly simple concept, it's amazing how wrong Delfi got it. The only thing I can safely say about this bar is that it was much less expensive than most of the chocolate bar I found in Thailand, where I bought it. While that's a plus, I don't think it is reason enough to buy a chocolate bar.