July 2023

Thick-Cut Potato Chips "Sour Cream and Onion"

Top Value

Taste and texture wise, I would say that these chips are a little bit below average. This is kind surprising to me because the package (or at least the very small amount I could read) promises something above average. The description on the package that seem a little inaccurate is “thick-cut”. When I think of a thick cut potato chip, two things come to mind, a thick potato chip and a crunchy potato chip, these weren't really either. Right off the bat, when I opened these chips up I could see that they weren't any thicker than most average potato chips I've seen anywhere else. It was fairly disappointing, and it made me wonder if this Top Value brand had “regular-cut” potato chips, which would then be extra thin, and maybe something worth trying.

The second thing that kind of turned me off was the texture of these chips. As mentioned before, I was kind of expecting slightly crunchier potato chips. These chips for some reason seemed to be spongy. They had a texture that's similar to cheap potato snacks that are made of potato powder. I'm pretty sure that these are made using full slices of real potatoes, but for some reason the cooking method made them feel kind of spongy. Considering what I was expecting, the texture was kind of off putting.

Flavour wise it was both a hit and a miss. The onion flavour was surprisingly the star of these chips. It was subtle but still onion like. The sour cream flavour on the other hand was almost completely lost. I could maybe argue that there was something holding back the onion flavour, and that could maybe be the sour cream, but there wasn't a great blast of creaminess to these chips at all. I really like a sour cream and onion chip to be sour cream flavoured with a hint of onion, these just tasted like the hint of onion.