May 2023







Topico Bella

Uni Firms

I don’t even know where to start with the absolute weirdness of this candy. Maybe the strangest thing about this candy is how no part of it seems to connect with another thematically. There are deer all over the package, yet there is nothing deer like about the candy itself. Randomly, there’s a game on the part of the candy you’re supposed to hold while eating it, and this little marble game is themed to astrology. The chocolate candy itself is oddly shaped, some might say phallic, but I choose not too judge. The only thing that makes any real sense is the fact that this candy is regularly described on the package as a chocolate and milk “candy”.

It’s important to note the word “candy” because that suggests that the focus is not on real milk or chocolate. That would safely describe this treat as it tastes a great deal like bad chocolate. One might suggest that there’s no real chocolate in it, but I can’t read the package to confirm. I can tell you that I wasn’t expecting anything great from this, and it was worse than I expected. I can safely say that I was disappointed with the quality of the chocolate and milk “candy”.

So why would anyone want to eat this candy, I’m not really sure. You might be interested in getting this candy since it’s just so weird. You might also like playing those little games where you shake and move them around in order to get small balls into indentations, that could be a reason to get this candy. Maybe you’re really into collecting all things associated with astrology. I’m not certain that any of these are good enough reasons, but those are some of the reasons I bought this, but mostly the weird aspect.