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Topco Cone

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There is a really good idea in the design of this treat. I almost feel like I could add “cone” into a category on Back when I started this site I could only think of a few treats that came in cones, other than ice cream. Now I feel like I have a few of these treats reviewed on the site. I actually really like the idea of a cone themed treat. I firmly believe that cones are not just for ice cream. Whenever I find new cone themed treats, I get excited. The problem is, most cone themed treats are actually not that great. There are a few exceptions, but most of them are kind of dis pointing. This cone themed treat on paper is not only a good idea, but I would go so far as to call it brilliant.

The problem is while the design is brilliant, the execution is not that great. The interesting thing is, there is only one element to this cone that fails. Of the four parts of this cone, three of theme are successful and exactly what I expected. The problem is that the part that failed not only failed badly, but it’s really the part of this treat that holds it all together, the chocolate. The chocolate has failed in several ways.

Quality wise the chocolate isn’t that great. The texture isn’t bad, but it really doesn’t taste that chocolaty. While the chocolate cereal does give it a bit of a boost, it’s not enough to make up for the really bland flavoured chocolate filling. The second problem with the chocolate is the lack of it. The picture on the box shows a cone overflowing with chocolate with a layer of cereal balls, followed by a layer of biscuit pieces. By no means does the chocolate overflow the cone, in fact the cereal is the first thing you see when you open this treat. There is so little chocolate in the cereal layer that a few of my cereal balls just fell out of the cone before I even started eating it. There is a layer of chocolate under the cereal, but in the case of every one of these that I’ve eaten (three I believe), not a single cone is full at the bottom.

Every element except the chocolate was firing on all cylinders. This could have been one of the best cone themed candies ever, but because of the failing of the chocolate, the entire treat fails pretty hard. I like to believe that all ingredients in a treat are equal in importance, but in this case the lack of chocolate just turned this into a dry mess.