Top Deck


Just to be a little different I decided that I might try something from a country that knows what chocolate bars are all about. South African chocolate bars have great reputation for quality chocolate and the Top Deck is a great representation of this. I’m not sure why so many South African chocolate bars are so great, but they just seem to care about the quality of the chocolate.

With a perfect mix of white and milk chocolate, I would recommend this chocolate bar to just about anybody. The fact that it’s simply made up of two different types of chocolate may seem like a simple idea, but it’s a simple idea that could go so very wrong. The first thing that you have to get right is the quality of the chocolate itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s white, milk or dark chocolate, if you want a simple bar like this to work, the chocolate has to melt in your mouth perfectly and taste great. The second consideration is the ratio of milk chocolate to white chocolate. Both of these chocolates have very different flavours, and you want the good qualities of each of these flavours to shine.

There’s no doubt that some parts of the world produce better chocolate bars than others (on average), but I don’t think many people think about South Africa as a really great place to get their chocolate bar fix. I’m hoping that after reading this you consider trying out some of their candy bars, and in particular the Top Deck from South Africa.