Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy "D'anjou Pear and Cinnamon"

Torie & Howard

Let me tell you about disappointing candy. One of the first signs that I might be disappointed with a candy, is when the makers use very specific descriptions in the flavour of their candy. I'm also often disappointed with a candy when it's well advertised as "Organic", it seems that many candy companies use this as an excuse to produce a boring flavoured candy. Finally, I'm very often disappointed when a candy company uses obscure fruit that could taste like a more popular fruit, for example, apricot/peach, honey dew/cantaloupe, and pear/apple taste similar and rarely are differentiated in the candy world.

I decided to start this review listing all of the pitfalls that many candies like this one fall into, I did this because I wanted you to know exactly how much the odds were stacked against Torie and Howard. The thing is, these Organic Hard Candies did not fail at all. In fact, this candy is one of the best organic hard candies I've ever eaten in my entire life. I also think it's probably one of the best pear flavoured candies on the market. This candy's set a very high bar, for hard candies everywhere. It had a potential for failure, but does not falter at all.

The shinning element of this candy is the flavour; it truly tastes like a pear with cinnamon. When it comes to hard candies the flavour is really the key. Texture wise a hard candy just has to be hard, but the flavour can make or break a candy like this, and this candy is very made and not broken. The fact that it's organic doesn't really matter to me, so I'm not reviewing it on that basis at all.

These little treats are well worth tasting, and even if the flavours sound a little too fancy for you, don't worry, they work really well.