Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy "Meyer Lemon & Raspberry"

Torie & Howard

Hard candies are a really difficult thing to sell to me. It's not often that I go out and buy hard candies for myself, and that's mostly due to one thing, they're very boring. I guess as a guy who's eaten hundreds of candies from all over the world, I've become a hard candy snob. When I want a hard candy, I want something new, something creative, something I've never tried before, and frankly I almost never find that in hard candies. There is one exception to my hard candy rule, and that's when hard candies do something really simple, but do it so well that I can't help but love it. These candies fall into that category.

Let me give you an example of how much I enjoy these tiny little hard candies. I have a full drawer of amazing treats from all over the world (future reviews). After dinner I'll often go into my drawer and pull out something to snack on, and to review. For the last 3 nights I've pulled out the same candy again and again, one simple little hard candy. I won't tell you that I think these lemon and raspberry candies are the best candy I've ever had in my life, I've had much more unique candies, but I will tell you that the flavour and texture of these candies is perfect. The tartness of the lemon works perfectly with the raspberry flavour, it’s sour but still subtle. The candy’s texture keeps it going for a good 10 minutes (about the same time it takes for my tea to cool down to a temperature I like), and it doesn’t go sticky, it just stays hard.

While this candy is not breaking any ground in technology, or uniqueness, it tastes really good, and it makes me feel really happy after dinner.

Suck Time: 10 min