Tostitos Mini Size Rounds "Hint of Lime"


Lime, it seems like something that really should be relegated to the sweet and sour candy world. What the heck is going on in this world, lime on a corn chip, for the love of... Hey wait a minute, these lime flavour corn chips are actually pretty good. In fact, these lime flavoured corn chips are better then just a pretty good, they're great. My world is crumbling around me, right is wrong, up is down, lime is on a corn chip and it works.

I really like these chips for so many reasons, first of all it’s about time a snack company had enough nerve to make a snack a little different from the norm. There have been a million corn chips with cheese and tomato-based flavours before. A lime flavoured corn chip is really something new, although, I guess when you think about it lime and corn chips really aren't that strange. I mean you do (at least some) put lime on a fajita as it comes steaming to you and many salsas have lime in them as well. So not only is this something unique, but it’s something unique that falls into the category of something that should have been around forever.

Well hooray for Tostitos, you go out on an educated limb and make something pretty good. I could eat a whole bunch of these chips, and I recommend you do the same.