December 2021

English Toffee Bites

Trader Joe's

I have nothing bad to say about the taste and texture of these little bites. Each one is a pleasant balance of nuts, toffee and milk chocolate. They’re a little smaller than I expected, but it was a pleasant surprise. The toffee is a nice crunchy toffee that’s just sticky enough to stick to the teeth, but not so bad as to create any discomfort. It was also sweet and burnt flavoured, which is just what you want.

The chocolate is fine enough, maybe nothing that spectacular, but a nice accompaniment to the crunchy toffee. Sure they could have used a higher quality chocolate, but I don’t really see why that would be necessary. You might also argue that a higher quality chocolate might have take away from the toffee flavour. The nuts on the outside, which turned out to be almonds, didn’t do more than add a nice contrast in the chocolate texture and look. Not that it’s a bad thing since a more flavourful nut might have killed the nice balance between everything else. As a bonus at the bottom of the bag, I found a whole lot of extra almond pieces. I’m not sure if they fell off my chocolate or just ended up there because of the manufacturing and packaging process.

In general these are fine toffee bites, sure they’re nothing that unique or surprising, but they’re fine. The one mystery I can’t figure out about these is the fact that they’re sold as a Christmas treat. Not that I would be disappointed getting these for Christmas. I just don’t see them as being a classic Christmas treat. Maybe this is true in other parts of the world?