Traditional Japanese Candy


I can never really pinpoint the appeal this kind of candy. It’s so simple, but so tasty all at the same time. I don’t think there’s any flavouring in it, although I could be wrong, but for the most part it just tastes like simple sugar melted and slightly burnt to an exceptional flavour. It just seems like on paper this candy shouldn’t work at all, but yet it works so very well.

Many people might argue that a simple unflavored rock candy really isn’t worth any praise, but I have to seriously disagree with them. This kind of treat is worth so much praise for its simplicity. Getting something as simple as sugar to give off such an awesome flavor is an amazing feat. People that complain about the simplicity of these sweets would also probably say that vanilla ice cream is just plain, and those people can e-mail me if they want and I’ll give them an earful on that subject.

To sit down on a warm day and just savor a treat like this is a true gift. I recommend it to anybody, and I also give high praise to anybody who can make a simple treat like this work so well. If you can turn sugar, with nothing else added, into something that tastes this good, you are a candy master.