K - Asia - Pieces

Kikori No Kirikabu


Taste: 4

Texture: 3

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

This treat is one that I don't understand, and that I love, all at the same time. I often find great comfort in my lack of understanding, only because if offers me the opportunity to think less and just enjoy. But back to the treat. I decided to review this treat because of the package, on the package there are pictures of what appear to be little tree stumps. Now I couldn't imagine how stumpy trees could be made into yummy snacks at all. I also couldn't figure out why you'd want to make stumpy tree snacks, but that falls into the "I don't understand" category

I figured I'd pick these up and give them a try, get an idea if they could pull off the look of the stumps and also if they taste OK The good news is that both where successful. The little cookies inside pretty much look exactly like the box shows. Even better is the fact that they're pretty yummy. The white part of the tree is made up of a crunchy cookie with a little swirl on the top. The bottom bark/root bits are made up of smooth milk chocolate.

The flavour combination of these two treats is nothing new, but the presentation is great. Although I don't really understand why they went with the tree stump look, they did achieve it and made it yummy to boot.