October 2023

Trick Or Treat Jubes


These Halloween themed jubes are fine. They’re not spooktacular by any means, but they’re not too bad either. Other than the Halloween theme I would rank these as completely average candies. If they weren’t shaped like cats, jack-o-lanterns and witches I would say they’re kind of dull. I can’t say that they didn’t deliver on what was promised, but they certainly did lack in any kind of extra something.

Texture wise they were a little bit stiffer than I like in a jube. For those wondering, the difference between a jube and a gummy is pretty slim, in fact some candies cross both lines a little bit. In general I find a jube to be a candy that is denser than a gummy or jelly. They also tend to stick to the teeth just a little bit more. They’re not as flexible, and after eating a few too many your jaw is pretty much guaranteed to hurt a bit. These jubes were particularly dense (or stale) so my jaw hurt a little sooner than I would have liked.

Flavour wise they’re very simple and slightly flawed. The flavours you get are lime (green), orange (orange) and some kind of berry, or maybe grape (purple). The flavour choices are simple, but the flavour that comes out of them is a little weird. When you first bite into one of these jubes you feel like the fruit flavour is going to explode in your mouth. The flavour builds up, but then suddenly it feels like the flavour just stops building. It’s almost as if the flavour stops after a certain number of chews. They go from the beginnings of something powerful and fruity to almost bland. It’s a weird flavour sensation.

I feel like there are a few things one could do to improve these. The first step is to give them more festive flavours, maybe apple and pumpkin spice would be a good start. I also feel like it would be fun if the flavour really popped, instead of the weird way it almost dies down. Shape wise I can’t really complain, except for the fact that I received way more cats than anything else.