September 2023



Three components makes up a bar with three in its name. The three components are nothing that unique, but that’s not to say that this bar is dull or boring. The three components are wafer, chocolate and hazelnut. While I’ve had plenty of bars and cookies with similar ingredients, how you put them together is very important. This cookie sandwich manages to blend these common three ingredients together in a pleasing way, and even offers up a little surprise.

The surprise comes in the form of bits of hazelnut. It would have been super easy to simply make the chocolate layer a chocolate and hazelnut layer (like Nutella). Instead, the fine folks at Solen decided to include bits of hazelnut. The bits are small enough that they don’t dominate, but big enough that they actually add a little crunch. The bonus is that hazelnuts naturally have a nice solid crunch. It’s also nice that the crunch from the hazelnut is different than the wafer.

The creams are a little more solid than something like a Nutella, they’re almost like a chocolate bar. This is good because I feel like a softer filling would be very messy, and would probably just squish once you bit into it. The wafer was a little messy, in that it crumbled apart and left plenty of crumbs in the bottom of the package. It happened around the edges most of all so it didn’t really ruin it too much.

This was a fine bar, even if it’s nothing too groundbreaking ingredient wise. The flavours are familiar, but done well. While it appears simple, the addition of hazelnut pieces really is a nice surprise. The ratio of ingredients works and I feel like anyone that likes this kind of treat (a wafer filled with chocolate and/or cream) will enjoy this very much.