September 2023

Trolli Football


This candy gets a lower and lower score at every stage of the unwrapping and even as you get deeper and deeper into the candy. When I picked up this little gummy ball, I thought it would be a fun little gummy football (or soccer ball if you’re from North America). I opened the package and inside was two plastic cups fused together holding my gummy ball. Immediately I suspected the worst. Then, I peeled the two cups apart to reveal that the football was actually just a white ball, without the black dots. The black dots were, as I feared, just painted on the package and not actually a part of the candy. So what you have is a weird squishy white ball that feels like a really squishy hard boiled egg.

The texture is the next disappointing feature of this treat. I thought it would be gummy, but it actually feels more like a marshmallow. It’s not exactly a marshmallow, but some kind of marshmallow/gummy hybrid. It’s not horrible, but it’s not great either. The package says that there’s a “sour splash” in the middle, but after my first bite I realized that this splash is more of a dribble. The pocket of sour goo in the middle is very small, and I really only got any kind of splash in one of the three bites it took me to eat complete this treat. I feel like even if I popped this entire thing in my mouth it would have been at the very most a slight pop, rather than a splash.

It was a weird texture and in the end looked nothing like a soccer ball, flavour wise it was sour apple. I’m not a huge fan of sour apple, but this wasn’t too bad. The reason it wasn’t too bad is because the flavour was really subtle. While I enjoyed the fact that it didn’t taste too much like apple, I feel like it probably should have been much stronger. If this was a sour cherry flavour gummy and the flavour was this weak, I would have been really disappointed.

There were several themes promised with this gummy, and none of them were really delivered.