How cute... The bar is called "Tronky" and it's shaped like a trunk of a tree. It can keep its shape so well because it's not covered in chocolate, in fact this bar is covered with wafer and filled with chocolate. The filling is actually a chocolate hazelnut cream, like Nutella.

It's kind of interesting and creative how this bar is designed. It's like the reverse of most chocolate bars you see on the market. The obsession, in most parts of the world, is to cover something yummy in chocolate, and that's fine and dandy. These guys instead choose to cover they're treat in wafer, and it makes so much sense when you think about it.

The reason so many chocolate bar companies use crappy quality chocolate is they don't want the bar to melt in your hand while you're eating it. Cheaper chocolate tends to melt at higher temperatures than good quality chocolate. What you often end up with is a wafer, cookie, or nuts, which may not be that special, covered in crappy chocolate. Instead the folks at Ferrero use the strength of the wafer to hold in they're slightly melty chocolate. We all know that most of the time slightly melty chocolate means higher quality chocolate. I think more companies should think about wrapping their bars in structurally stronger sweet materials and consider improving the quality of their interiors.

This bar does really well for me on the creative front. It’s a new idea that actually really works.