Tropical Heat Potato Crisps "Tomato Flavour"

Deepa Industries

I have to be honest; I was a little afraid of these potato chips. I’m worried because I generally associate the words "Tropical Heat" with being really spicy. When I bought these potato chips, I didn't see the words "Tropical Heat" on the package, but once I did I thought I had made a horrible mistake. I was also a little nervous about these because of the quality of the package. It's not that I felt there was any concern about hygiene or anything, it's just a pretty simple an unimaginative package, which can on occasion mean you'll be getting a lower quality flavour.

As it turns out, I was so very wrong on both accounts, and I couldn't have been happier. First of all, these aren't that spicy at all. There is a slight heat, when I say slight, I mean likely unnoticeable for anybody who likes hot food. I’m fairly sensitive to hot food, so I noticed it, but if you like anything even a little spicy you won’t. The thing is it was very mild, and it crept up a little bit more as you ate more chips, but it never got out of control. The tomato flavour was also really great. Keep in mind that these are not ketchup flavoured chips, it is more like a dried tomato flavour. There isn't the sweet and sour that most ketchup chips offer you.

I have to be honest; I really liked these chips. My only regret was not getting a few more bags to eat later on. The flavour was clean and fairly unique, and the texture was nice and crunchy. The words "Tropical Heat" are a little misleading, but fortunately they're misleading in a good way.