April 2024






Chocolate Turkish Taffy


This bar seems to offer lots of suggestions on how to eat it. I’m always confused when a treat gives me multiple options on the best way to eat it. It’s hard because I rarely buy multiples of any candy I want to review, particularly when it’s a bar. If it’s bite sized pieces I’ll get experimental, but with bars I tend to just eat it one way, and most often it’s the way I would eat it if I was to enjoy it immediately after buying it. In this case it’s room temperature like a chocolate bar. So I did not freeze this taffy and I did not crack or smack it.

Maybe I should have, because as a room temperature taffy this Turkish Taffy is pretty boring. I guess the texture lives up to its taffy name. By the end of this bar of taffy my jaw was hurting pretty bad. I had even contemplated saving the other half for later, only because my jaw hurt so much. I don’t really understand the appeal of eating difficult to eat candy until your jaw hurts, but I know people who really enjoy the challenge. I can safely say that the first half of this bar was much more enjoyable than the second for me.

Even though the texture was a little hard on my jaw, it’s what you expect from a candy called taffy. What didn’t live up to the name was the “chocolate”. I won’t say that it didn’t taste like chocolate, but it tasted very faintly of a cheap or maybe even fake chocolate. Not that I was expecting this simple taffy to taste like a wonderful high end chocolate, I was still hoping to be surprised. This taffy would have been vastly improved with a better and stronger chocolate flavour. As it stands the flavour is pretty average to below average.

This taffy delivers, but only if all you’re expecting is an average jaw killing taffy with sort of a chocolate flavour.